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I am the younger brother of Marvin Guy, and today marks 8 years since Marvin was the victim of a botched no-knock raid. That’s 8 years that my brother has been paying the price without even a conviction, locked in the Bell County Jail. 

This weekend, people in Central Texas turned out for a powerful candlelight vigil – see for yourself:

We prayed. We shed a few tears. We held 8 minutes of silence, one minute for every year that my brother has been in jail.

It breaks my heart that it’s been 8 whole years. But this weekend’s vigil also gave me hope that with people like you supporting Marvin, this can be the year we bring him home. 

I hope this can be the last anniversary we mourn for Marvin and have to fight for him – that there won’t be a 9th anniversary, or a 10th.

Please, to help make that happen and bring my brother home, will you take these 3 actions?

  1. Share a photo from 8 years ago alongside one from today with the hashtag #FreeMarvinGuy. Write a caption about what 8 years can mean in a life and about our opportunity to help my brother.
  1. Watch and share the documentary about Marvin if you haven’t already. The more people who learn about his story, the more support he will have and the better our position to get him free.
  1. Pitch in $8, $80, or even $800 to Marvin’s Legal Defense Fund. Grassroots Law Project has already spent $576,394 to help free him, and we could use your help.

Much love, and thank you.

Garett Galloway