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This is one of those days where thankfully I have some really really good news.

Recently, we learned that prosecutors announced that they are no longer going to pursue the death penalty against Marvin Guy. I cannot tell you just how HUGE this news is.

This is one of the biggest wins in the history of the Grassroots Law Project. We took this case on 2 years ago and have been providing the legal support for Marvin — and I’m SO proud to see this come out of all of our efforts.

It really shows that the prosecution understands this is a really bad case and they never should have been pursuing the death penalty to begin with.

Here’s the thing. This is a BIG accomplishment and advancement in this case — but Marvin is still sitting in jail with no trial date and is still facing life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

We need your help to continue covering the costs of Marvin’s brilliant team of attorneys and experts that got the death penalty dropped. PLEASE, I want to see him out of jail as soon as possible, so please make a donation to Marvin’s legal defense fund.

This could not have been done without the massive wave of support from people like you. From the moment we took on this case, you all have taken action with us, donating to Marvin Guy’s legal fund, calling key state and local officials, joining vigils, marches, and other days of action, and spreading the word to #FreeMarvinGuy.

For anyone new here who may not be familiar with why Marvin Guy is in jail, let me give you a very quick run down. 

All the way in 2014 — before Mike Brown was killed, before Eric Garner was killed, long before Brianna Taylor, before George Floyd was killed — a no-knock raid was held in the middle of the night at the apartment of Marvin Guy.

It was a drug raid and, mind you, when they went into the home there were no drugs and no drug operation in Marvin’s home. They barged in using flash grenades, surrounded his home from all sides, and began firing.

Marvin had no idea who he thought was breaking into his apartment. He just knew somebody was trying to kill him.

In the no-knock raid, a police officer was shot and killed. We don’t know if Marvin shot the person or if it was another officer. 

The whole thing was a terrible terrible mess. 

Right away they charged Marvin with murder and decided that they were going to pursue the death penalty against Marvin which — and I’m trying to divorce my emotions from what I feel about this injustice has been done to Marvin — was a terrible case for prosecutors. 

The bottom line is when a Black man is charged with shooting and killing a white cop, they’re not just going to let him off. And now 8 years without ever being convicted of a crime, Marvin Guy is STILL in the local county jail.

He has not been found guilty of anything. They’re just keeping him forever and ever and ever. Obviously, it has had a tremendous toll on Marvin’s physical health and mental well-being. 

It’s been 8 years of cruel and unusual punishment.  And almost 2 years ago, Grassroots Law Project decided to take on Marvin’s entire case to hopefully save this man’s life and get him free from jail. We hired brand new lawyers and experts and a team to fight for Marvin. ⁣

Taking on this case was a multi-million dollar commitment that we knew could fail. ⁣

But yesterday, admitting that their case against Marvin is weak, prosecutors dropped the death penalty against him, which is GREAT news.

This win is an admission that the prosecutors have always overcharged Marvin in this case and I truly believe that Marvin could be found not guilty in a court. 

We don’t want Marvin to serve another day, and so whatever way we have to get him out we will. But it will very likely go to trial. There are still ways to go to truly free Marvin, but we know we can do it with your support. 

This is the biggest development in the case since he’s been arrested, so we’re going to keep on pushing. Please make a donation right now to Marvin’s legal defense fund, so we can finally truly free Marvin Guy after he has spent 8 years in jail for NO reason.

I want to thank all of you who have been participating in our campaign to #FreeMarvinGuy. Getting them to drop the death penalty is a huge huge deal, and I know that together we can finally free Marvin so that he can see his family and friends again.