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BIG NEWS: The former Fort Worth police officer who murdered Atatiana Jefferson has been found GUILTY of manslaughter!

This doesn’t go nearly far enough, because he should be found guilty of murder, but it’s still a positive step and now Aaron Dean is facing up to 20 years in prison.

Dean’s conviction also marks the first time an officer has been convicted of manslaughter in Tarrant County.

And it happened because tens of thousands of people took action with us to demand accountability. Phone calls. Emails. Petition Signatures. A children’s march led by her nephew Zion. A weekend of action to celebrate Atatiana’s life.

All of it led to yesterday’s guilty verdict. All of it led to accountability.

Justice would be Atatiana alive and well, but we hope that this result will bring some much needed peace and closure to her family.

Grassroots Law Project