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Hey my friend. I hope you are well. I’ve had a hell of a time dealing with pain and medical procedures, but I couldn’t miss sharing this news…

For context, I’ve been working behind the scenes with the family and attorneys for Tyre Nichols alongside Tony Hawk and some other famous skateboarders.

Now we are launching a brand-new push for Tyre Nichols with the goal of building TWO memorial skateparks in Memphis and Sacramento!!! 

Tyre was beaten to death by Memphis police. From the body camera footage, it looked like he was beaten worse than Rodney King. It was like they were beating a human piñata.

Listen. I know there is a lot of terrible news going on.

But with this project, we have an opportunity to rise above and create something truly meaningful.

It is a rare chance – after a horrible moment of police violence – to build something that will last for years, maybe decades.

The first phase of the Tyre Nichols memorial skatepark in Sacramento at the grand opening event.

The Tyre Nichols Memorial Skatepark project is incredibly special. 

We are creating something permanent that people will see and feel and touch.

And we want you (yes YOU) to know that you played a role in making it happen!!!

Today we need ALL hands on deck!!! Please step up and become a FOUNDING DONOR of the Tyre Nichols Memorial Skateparks, OK? 100% of what you give goes to the Tyre Nichols Foundation. Here’s the website.

Our team will have more updates on this project soon, and I hope to be back to work fully in not too long. On my very best days, I’m at least 50% better than I was a few weeks ago as far as the extreme pain goes.

Thanks for your love and patience!


Shaun King