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The California Department of Justice just announced – after lots of public pressure — that they are extending their oversight of Vallejo police.

We don’t yet know what the exact terms are that they are setting with the City of Vallejo, but we are cautiously optimistic. This means that Vallejo police will not be allowed to run loose with their corruption and culture of violence – at least for now.

But make no mistake: we will need to keep the pressure on. This is necessary to make sure that this step leads to deep, lasting change. If you haven’t already, please share this petition link with your friends and family.

For now, we hope you feel some sense of relief, knowing that your actions made a difference.

– #StandwithSean (Grassroots Law and Ashley and Michelle Monterrosa)

P.S. Our original message is below:

Hey Matthew, it’s us, Michelle and Ashley Monterrosa. Our brother was killed by Vallejo police while kneeling on the ground with his hands in the air. He was only 22. Today we just have a simple request:

Please help us demand justice and accountability for Vallejo police violence and the murder of our brother, Sean Monterrosa, by adding your name to our petition.

Michelle and Ashley holding a picture of their brother, Sean Monterrosa


We hope to be the last family that loses a loved one to Vallejo police violence.

That is why we are advocating not only for California Attorney General Rob Bonta to prosecute former officer Jarrett Tonn – but also to deploy federal oversight of Vallejo police and launch a pattern-or-practice investigation into their badge bending rituals and culture of violence. We’ve seen AGs in other states with just as bad situations where they have concluded and brought forward charges to officers. We hope that AG Bonta does at least that.

Just days ago, on June 2nd, was the three year anniversary of losing Sean. So many emotions have been running through our bodies – stored traumas. We couldn’t help but relive Sean’s last moments in this realm. 💔

We are still learning how to deal with grief and this pain. We try to be strong, but there are times we just want to give up. But then we hear Sean’s voice telling us to stop crying and do something.

We take those last words every day with us. We are still fighting just like he would want us to. And we remain hopeful.

That is why we ask that you join us in calling on AG Bonta to do right by us.

He has a duty. He championed to be the people’s attorney. He still can. But it’s a matter of when he will do right by the working class, by the people.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Matthew, are you with us? If the answer is yes, please add your name to our petition. No matter where you are, the power we have together matters.

La lucha sigue ✊🏽❤️‍🔥

Ashley & Michelle Monterrosa