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Nonviolent first responders

Dialing 911 shouldn’t be a death sentence.

Cities can prevent deadly police encounters by adding care workers like medical professionals and social workers into their 911 systems. Too often, police respond to calls about mental health or substance use. As a result, people with mental health disorders are 16x more likely to be killed by police. That is why we are advocating for cities to implement these programs through their laws and budgets immediately.

Second chance Laws

Get nonviolent people out of jail faster with Second chance legislation.

Thousands of people who pose no risk to society are serving long sentences because our for-profit prison system benefits from locking up as many people as possible, and most of the time that’s poor people and people of color. It is time to give our nonviolent neighbors a second chance at life and get them free.

Ban No-knock Warrants

No-knock police raids are deadly — they should be banned everywhere.

Breonna Taylor. Amir Locke. Marvin Guy. These are just a few of the innocent Black people who’ve been harmed or killed by no-knock police raids. No-knock raids are dangerous for everyone involved, which is why we worked with local leaders in Louisville, KY and Killeen, TX to ban them. Every city and county in America must follow suit. Now.

Get Police out of schools

Our kids need counselors, not cops.

14 million children attend schools that have police officers on campus, but no counselor, nurse, psychologist, or social worker. Meanwhile, kids of color are unjustly targeted by those cops, misleadingly called “School Resource Officers” or SROs. Let’s protect our kids by giving them the care they need – not cops.

Policy Highlights

We stopped Texas from criminalizing charitable bail funds.

Cash bail is a predatory practice that preys on the poor and marginalized. It would have been disastrous if the state had criminalized efforts to help those people, many who shouldn’t even be in jail in the first place.

We banned deadly police tactics from Killeen, Texas to the state of Colorado.

It took months of organizing and collaborating with legislators and local leaders. In Killeen, we worked with Jumeka Reed to ban no-knock raids – the kind that killed Jumeka’s brother and Breonna Taylor. In Colorado, our legislation was signed into law, banning ketamine injections, a dangerous sedative that has killed people when used in large amounts.

We helped cities allocated $250 million into the most effective violence prevention programs.

Instead of police and more public safety solutions by writing policies and advocating in cities across the country, including Philadelphia, San Diego, and Houston.

In California, we advocated for the most progressive police decertification bill in the country until Gov. Gavin Newsom signed it into law.

We made nearly 5,000 calls to support SB2, SB 299, and SB 710, and while we didn’t get two of them signed into law, we laid out strong markers for what real changes to our justice system should look like.

We won critical fights to replace police with real public safety solutions.

We helped Philadelphia, San Diego, Phoenix, Austin, and Houston establish alternative crisis response teams and community services – altogether we helped move over $235.5 million into real public safety solutions that can replace police.