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“use strict”;

var positionImage = function positionImage(imageEl) {
var imageDimensions = imageEl.dataset.imageDimensions.split(‘x’);
var originalWidth = imageDimensions[0];
var originalHeight = imageDimensions[1];
var focalPoint = imageEl.dataset.imageFocalPoint.split(‘,’);
var focalPointX = focalPoint[0];
var focalPointY = focalPoint[1];
var parentNode = imageEl.parentNode;

var scale = function () {
var imageRatio = originalWidth / originalHeight;
var parentClientSize = {
height: parentNode.clientHeight,
width: parentNode.clientWidth
var parentRatio = parentClientSize.width / parentClientSize.height;

if (imageRatio > parentRatio) {
return parentClientSize.height / originalHeight;

return parentClientSize.width / originalWidth;

var getRelativeOffset = function getRelativeOffset() {
var targetWidth = Math.ceil(originalWidth * scale);
var targetHeight = Math.ceil(originalHeight * scale);
var parentDimensionWidth = parentNode.offsetWidth;
var parentDimensionHeight = parentNode.offsetHeight;
var overflowWidth = targetWidth – parentDimensionWidth;
var overflowHeight = targetHeight – parentDimensionHeight;
var valueX;

if (overflowWidth === 0) {
valueX = focalPointX;
} else {
valueX = Math.max(Math.min(targetWidth * focalPointX – parentDimensionWidth * 0.5, overflowWidth), 0) / overflowWidth;

var valueY;

if (overflowHeight === 0) {
valueY = focalPointY;
} else {
valueY = Math.max(Math.min(targetHeight * focalPointY – parentDimensionHeight * 0.5, overflowHeight), 0) / overflowHeight;

return {
valueX: valueX,
valueY: valueY

var relativeOffset = getRelativeOffset();
var valueX = relativeOffset.valueX;
var valueY = relativeOffset.valueY; = “”.concat(valueX * 100, “% “).concat(valueY * 100, “%”);


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that budgets are moral documents. They reveal the priorities and values of a home, of a community, and of a nation. Right now, we have a fundamental math problem when it comes to policing and mass incarceration. What does that mean?

The United States spends a staggering $200 billion per year on policing and mass incarceration. That’s more than any country in the history of the world. It’s not even close. And we get out, what we put in. The United States arrests, jails, and incarcerates more people than any country in the world. We often say that 2.3 million people are in America’s jails and prisons, but that’s just on any given day. Over the course of a year, over 10 million Americans are jailed and millions more are placed on probation or parole.

What we have now come to learn, is that in most American cities, like Los Angeles, the LAPD takes up a staggering 53% of the city’s entire general fund. It’s outrageous, but it’s not rare. It’s the norm, but this has not always been the case. Policing and mass incarceration should be more like 5% of a city’s budget and the remaining 95% should be spent on infrastructure, education, healthcare, jobs, housing, the environment, business startups, and so much more.

The end of policing and mass incarceration as we know it must begin with defunding police and investing in communities. Period.

  • Divert funds from police budgets and invest resources into community-based programs. 

    • End the criminalization of drug use 

    • Invest in and legalize safe injection sites

    • Invest in drug treatment facilities

    • Invest in mental health treatment 

    • Invest in housing

    • Invest in schools

    • Pledge decreases in police budgets

    • Develop 24 hr non-police mental health crisis response capacity

  • Close youth and adult prisons and jails, and reinvest resources in community-based, transformative justice programs and alternatives to incarceration that focus on rehabilitation and accountability 

    • Pledge decreases in incarceration budgets

    • Pledge to close jails and prisons

  • Demilitarize the police by banning the federal transfer of military grade weapons, tactical equipment and vehicles to local police forces and ending militarized training programs

  • Completely overhaul local 911 systems to convert them into smart systems that divert calls to specialized teams – i.e. mental health, substance use, children and family, etc. that are largely staffed by non-police professionals, such as social workers and trauma doctors

  • Invest in solutions to help survivors find safety and healing 

  • Stop jails and prisons from contracting and outsourcing essential services (such as healthcare) to private contractors

  • End the practice of charging people incarcerated in jails and prisons for essential services and reading material, such as medical care, telephone calls, electronic tablets and books

  • Create a task force for Federal Review every officer involved shooting and in custody death

  • End the use of police in schools

  • End the arrest and handcuffing of juveniles

  • Create an unarmed first responder unit comprised of social workers and mental health professionals that responds to mental health crises and other non life threatening situations in the community