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  • Require that police officers and other first responders live in the communities they serve.

  • Establish laws making it illegal for police departments to hire officers who were previously fired or who resigned while being investigated for serious misconduct including the use of excessive force, or domestic violence.

  • Establish public data systems to track critical information re: policing like arrest information, demographics, charges, conviction history, jail and prison population information

  • Require any officer who shoots someone to submit to a mandatory drug and alcohol test within one hour of the shooting. 

  • Unseal and make public all records of police misconduct and complaints against police

  • Ban all union contracts from interfering with police accountability, by

    • Eliminating officers’ ability to review evidence before submitting to an investigation

    • Allowing for the investigation of all civilian complaints, regardless of when filed

    • Prohibiting the destruction of personnel files and complaints

    • Ending arbitration after internal discipline occurs

    • Ending indemnification for police abuse 

  • Grant media and family immediate access to all body, dash and video evidence. (upload to a public warehouse)

  • End the doctrine of qualified immunity

  • In all fatal encounters with police require autopsies independent of the county