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Four officers involved in the no-knock raid that murdered Breonna Taylor are now facing FEDERAL CHARGES.

This is a moment that makes everything we are working for worth all the effort we put in together.

When Breonna was murdered by police in 2020, we jumped into action and fought hard alongside many other groups to demand justice and accountability.

Together, our Grassroots Law community made 505,411 phone calls and sent 1,430,287 petition messages. 

We also worked with key councilwomen in Louisville, Kentucky to successfully pass Breonna’s Law, which banned no-knock warrants and created critical momentum for more cities and states to ban this deadly practice all across the country.

And when Biden won, over 100,000 people in our community signed on to our Biden Justice Demands, which put pressure on Biden’s administration to bring justice to every police brutality case that came before the DOJ during Trump’s administration — including Breonna Taylor’s. 

THANK YOU for taking action with us to make today possible. But let’s be clear our work is far from over. 

While we were able to ban no-knocks in Louisville and Killeen, TX, this practice is still widely legal and used by police. No-knock police raids are deadly and dangerous for everyone involved — and we need to keep fighting until they are banned EVERYWHERE.

Will you take a minute to celebrate this win with us and continue fighting to BAN no-knock raids in every city and county in America by signing on to our petition today?

Grassroots Law Project