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  • End cash bail and allow for total pre-trial release

  • End pre-trial surveillance

  • Do not rely on racist risk assessments 

  • End the death penalty

  • End absolute immunity for prosecutorial misconduct

  • Completely legalize drug possession

  • Direct all drug sales cases to diversion and treatment programs 

  • End the criminalization of homelessness and poverty by ending arrests and prosecution of low-level offenses such as fare evasion, trespassing and panhandling. 

  • Dramatically reduce supervision terms to no more than 6 months on misdemeanors and no more than 12 on felonies. 

  • End the practice of jailing people for non-criminal violations of probation. 

  • Establish sentence review units and make every incarcerated person eligible to have their sentences reviewed for parole every 5 years. Create a presumption of release once the person has turned 50 or after he or she has served ten years. 

  • Require open file discovery and early-disclosure of all Brady material

  • Establish a fully funded Conviction Integrity Unit that is independently run in the prosecutor’s office.

  • Make criminal record expungement automatic after one year for misdemeanors and after three years for felonies.

  • Remove legal barriers that prevent re-entering citizens from getting jobs, housing, education, and other social services

    • “Ban the box”

  • Complete massive reconsideration of sentencing laws and standards. Current terms were created in the most random and destructive ways imaginable. End mandatory minimums.

  • Radically reform parole, including shortening the length of time people are required to be on parole, the reporting requirements, the terms and conditions

  • Fully fund public defender offices

  • Restore the right to vote to all currently and previously incarcerated people regardless of felony charges, including granting easy access to voting for all local and national elections within jails and prisons