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We’re beyond with policing in America, especially after wrapping up 2022, the single deadliest year for police violence ever recorded.

And yet again, another Black man has been beaten and brutalized to death by police.

You need to know this name: Tyre Nichols.

Say it with me. Tyre Nichols.

29 year-old Tyre was pulled over by Memphis police for a traffic stop.

And for over 3 minutes. 3 FULL MINUTES. 5 Black police officers brutally beat him.

Those 5 police officers, against 1 brother, beat him over and OVER to his death.

Some even say this is the worst beating they’ve ever seen. Others couldn’t even recognize him after photos were released from the hospital because his head and face were so badly swollen.

So far, all 5 officers have been fired but they all need to be held accountable for this heinous crime, for Tyre’s MURDER. Will you sign this petition to demand that they all be prosecuted and that the District Attorney release the body camera footage immediately? PLEASE. Don’t close this without signing on.

Week after week, month after month, year after year, we’re facing the exact same battles.

This case is already moving in the right direction. The fact that all 5 police officers have been fired already speaks to the SEVERITY of this case.

Their actions were so indefensible that they had to be released from their duties.

Firing them is not ENOUGH. And if we don’t act, we know just how common it is for officers like this to get off scot-free if folks turn their backs.


Family members and attorneys who saw the body cam footage say — if it’s even possible — that Tyre was beaten worse than Rodney King. They said it was like they were beating “a human piñata.”

I know that Tyre Nichols’ family would rather have their son be alive right now. But the least we can do is make sure that they get some form of accountability for the brutal and fatal beating of their son.

I’m grateful that Shelby County, Tennessee has a District Attorney that we trust because our partners at Real Justice helped elect him last year. We believe that this DA will do the right thing and hold people accountable but we can’t sit back and wait.

We need to pack on the pressure, and this petition will send emails to the DA, the Mayor, the city council, and every local official who could take action here.

Tyre Nichols should be alive right now. No one should lose their life after a traffic stop. That’s why I’m asking you to add your name to this petition so that all 5 officers are prosecuted and the body camera footage is released.

Love and appreciate you all,


Shaun King