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The Biden-Harris just granted Temporary Protected Status for Cameroon. We are over the moon!

Today that means the 40,000 estimated Cameroonians in the United States are safe from unjust deportation back to a country with long-standing socio-political tensions and armed conflicts. Lives will be spared from violence and death flights.

This victory comes after years of hard work from the Cameroon Advocacy Network, who led this charge. We are proud to have supported their efforts – our Grassroots Law community delivered 6,300 petitions and made 1,800 phone calls to critical government officials in support of TPS.

That said, the fight is not over. The Cameroonian community still needs critical support. And it’s important to continue calling on the Biden-Harris Administration to protect all Black migrants who are facing oppression.

Please follow the Cameroon Advocacy Network on social media for more updates and action opportunities

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Today’s news is a powerful reminder of what we can achieve when we organize together.

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