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Turn your sound up and watch this video from the very beginning. I need to teach you something that police are doing that is CRAZY and needs to be immediately banned in cities, counties, and states across America. ⁣

To keep people who film police misconduct and abuse from being able to post it online, they play LOUD music with strong copyrights so that when you post the clip on social media, it will get flagged and removed for a copyright violation. ⁣

Here in Santa Ana, California where my kids used to go to school, police are playing DISNEY MUSIC through their loudspeakers after midnight — waking the whole neighborhood up. ⁣

And when my friend, Santa Ana City Councilman Jonathan Hernandez, confronts them and asks what in the world they are doing, they OPENLY tell him that they are playing it so that when he films it, it will have a copyright violation. They know that he has a YouTube channel and holds police accountable. ⁣

🤬🤬🤬 This is what we are up against. ⁣

Please join me today in calling for a NATIONWIDE ban on this cowardly, corrupt practice. Cops shouldn’t be allowed to manipulate copyrighted music to avoid having their violence and crimes published online.

When we fight for real systemic change, they then do something like this that makes us have to fight against something totally different. ⁣

They’re a well-oiled machine. And they’ll stop at absolutely NOTHING to continue their oppression of Black and brown communities uninterrupted.

It’s on all of us to call this out for what it is. Let’s stay loud!!!

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