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All 8 cops who were involved in killing Jayland Walker this summer have returned to duty. While they won’t be on community control, they are still in places of power within the department — and are holding NO accountability for the murder. 

And get this, the investigation is still ongoing!!! 

Let’s recap. Jayland was stopped due to a TRAFFIC VIOLATION, that can’t even be confirmed. 8 officers then fired their guns over 90 times, with 46 confirmed shots hitting and killing Jayland while he was chased.

How is it that if someone not in a police uniform were to do this they would be in JAIL or worse?! Their badge is protecting them, shielding them from taking responsibility for their crime.

It’s obvious we have to be LOUD, louder than ever before on this case for this investigation to actually go somewhere and win justice for Jayland and his family.

Sign on RIGHT NOW to demand accountability — including getting the 8 officers off the force immediately and prosecuting them. We need justice — now.

It’s been months since we lost Jayland, months since the police chased and gunned him down like an animal.

And it wasn’t in the news as widely, but let’s remember that officers turned off the mics on their body cameras when they realized that he didn’t have a gun.

It’s screaming guilty, murderous cops.

Yet, these folks remain on the force — PAID.

We need your help to speak up now and make these cops pay for their crime of taking Jayland’s life.

Grassroots Law Project