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In Grand Rapids, Michigan, a young brother – a young father – named Patrick Lyoya was just brutally shot and killed by police after he pulled over in a neighborhood with car trouble.

That is disturbing all by itself.

But family and local officials who say they have seen the video say that Patrick was lying on his stomach and was shot in the back of his head, execution style.

This was a police execution. Patrick’s family and the County Commissioner himself called it one. Because of this the Commissioner shared on social media that police have been threatening his life.

The police chief said he wouldn’t release the video for 10 DAYS. In that time the video could be edited, they could get their stories together, scrub any evidence, and cover everything up.

But no, when you shoot and kill a man – they wouldn’t wait 10 minutes to release the video. They wouldn’t wait 10 hours. And they damn sure wouldn’t wait 10 days.

We need your help to put the pressure on to release this video that will show clear proof of this police execution.

Sign our super-petition right now to demand the police chief release the video immediately. The officer must also be named, fired, and prosecuted.

I have studied thousands of cases of police violence – and this case is already different.

People are hurt. People are outraged. Protests are already forming on the ground.

It’s clear to everyone in the community that something deeply disturbing happened and there is a marked difference between the way this case is being covered.

The Mayor, police chief, local prosecutors and local news are SHOOK.

But this is what we ALWAYS see. When police are left to investigate themselves – plus local prosecutors who work hand in hand with police – are allowed to dictate the pace of how their friends are investigated and prosecuted, it never goes the same way.

Police should be held to a HIGHER standard – the full, highest extent of the law – than non-law enforcement officers who commit crimes. Not a lower standard. Not a lesser standard.

But that’s not what we are seeing here. And people are watching.

Show them we are watching by signing our super-petition to demand the police chief release the video immediately. The officer who executed Patrick Lyoya must also be named, fired, and prosecuted.

Love and appreciate you,


P.S. If you want to learn more, listen to my podcast episode on this case here.

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