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The article published by The Daily Beast is both inaccurate and extraordinarily misleading. This is not a surprise, as the author has been clear from the beginning of his reporting that his agenda was to write a piece attacking the Grassroots Law Project (GLP) and its leaders. The author’s accusations during his “investigation” have been breathtaking. He erroneously suggested, for example, that GLP did not file its mandatory tax return (Form 990), which we did—a false implication repeated in his article even though GLP provided an official time stamped copy of the submission page to him and the IRS website states that it is behind in uploading documents.

During his “investigation,” the author so badly misquoted the opinion of his own expert while confronting GLP with claimed evidence of malfeasance that the expert later confirmed his opinion was overtly misrepresented. And, the author ignored the hundreds of campaigns GLP has engaged in over two years to bolster the false implication that GLP served only as a pass through for money for Shaun King — even though Mr. King, who is not treasurer of GLP, has zero access to a single GLP account.  

While we are not shocked the author wrote an unwarranted and untruthful hit piece on GLP,  we are disappointed The Daily Beast published this false and misleading article. We note that GLP follows the same financial reporting practices as most large American non-profits, yet The Daily Beast is not critical of the white-led organizations.

With as many as 30 full-time staffers on our team, GLP has engaged in campaigns to free people from death row, support families of victims of police violence, and push for legislation to reduce police violence and roll back mass incarceration in jurisdictions across the country.  We have helped limit the use of ketamine by police in Colorado, ban or limit the use of no-knock warrants in numerous places, and fund legal representation for a man who until recently was facing a death sentence in Texas.  The author may belittle or dismiss this work, but GLP is extremely proud of it. We think it is important, and will not be deterred from doing it by false allegations and damaging innuendo.

Grassroots Law Project